Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beat Germany & MESSI becomes a KING + SEX Symbol
If Messi can manage to lead Argentina to a win over Germany on July 13, he will be a household name. "Messi" will be synonymous with the word "soccer" among all ages, races, and continents. The #10 will be THE soccer number to wear on jerseys; from little tikes through the pros.

Though some won't be ready to declare him as a national treasure as Pele officially was in 1961, others will have no issue elevating him to this status.

Lionel Messi, 27, is the Captain of the underdog Argentina... and fans generally root for, yep you guessed it- "the darkhorse". 

If Messi leads Argentina to a World Cup Championship, he will become a King. This happens when the best player in his sport at the time leads his team to a championship.

Jordan, Gretzky, Ruth, Montana ... you may have heard of these guys.

Messi, winner of the last four FIFA Ballon D'Or awards (FIFA's MVP), has countless records and mind numbing statistics.

Just know he's been regarded as the best player on Earth the last four years.

A few stats to help put everything into perspective:

1.  Messi owns the World Record for most goals scored in one year.

2.  40 years ago Gerd Muller scored a record of 85 goals in one year.

3.  Messi finished 2012 with 91 goals. Lionel Messi el sex symbol? Si!

 Beat Germany & MESSI becomes a KING + SEX symbol!


Do you believe Messi can be a King, or a Sex Symbol?