Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tony Gwynn (1960 - 2014)

....MR. PADRE has a TREMENDOUS statue.


R.I.P. Tony Gwynn...perhaps the purest hitter in the last 50 years...and one of the greatest ball strikers of all-time. This is a guy that I can't write an article about...I don't have the time lol, so I'll provide an outline:
Some of Tony Gwynn's accomplishments:
  • MLB Hall of Famer (receiving 97.6% of the ballot vote)
  • 3,141 hits
  • .338 career batting average
  • 8 NL batting titles (only other player to win more batting titles was Cobb, who earned 12)
  • 15-time NL All-Star
  • 5 NL Gold Gloves
  • played 20 years with one team
  • has a statue...and a street named after him
  • once used 1 bat for an entire season
  • has more career doubles (543) than strikeouts


  • had 143 career at bats vs. Greg Maddux + Pedro Martinez and never struck out.
  • in 10,232 plate appearances, Gwynn struck out 434 times. (= 1 strikeout every 23.57 PAs)
  • was the first to extensively study himself hitting on film..or should I say "tape" (VHS era)
  • stole 56 bases in 1987 and became the first NL player to hit .370 and steal 50 bases
  • hit .300 or better for 19 consecutive seasons, the longest run in National League history


  • played basketball, in addition to baseball, at San Diego State. As a point guard, Gwynn is the school’s all-time leader in career assists (590), season assists (221, 8.2 per game), and most assists in a game (18)
  • is the only player in Western Athletic Conference history to be named to the all-conference team in two different sports. He earned the honors once in baseball, twice in basketball. (Gwynn was also a two-time All-American.) 
  • in 1981, Gwynn was drafted in the MLB (Padres) AND the NBA (Los Angeles Clippers)


  • he has a son, Tony Gwynn Jr., playing in his 8th season in the Major Leagues. Gwynn Jr. wears his dads # 19..how awesome is that? That's every Father's twisted fantasy lol.

 Take 5 minutes and enjoy....Mr Padre:


Tony Gwynn (1960 - 2014)....MR. PADRE has a TREMENDOUS statue.

Is Tony Gwynn the best hitter since 1980?