Friday, June 13, 2014

Patty Mills...another epic Spurs scouting find

...and did you know he invented the 3 point goggles.

Patty 'Gun' Mills hit 4 of 6 3s and dropped 14 on while SA slaughtered Mia in game 4. So another Spur that no one ever heard of before...that is introducing himself to the world under the lights of the NBA Finals. Mills' father is a Torres Strait Islander and his mother is an Aborigine from the Ynunga people of South Australia. That's not the typical bloodline of an NBA player.

Drafted by Portland (where he and then teammate Rudy Fernandez invented the now imfamous "Three Goggles"), on 29 August 2011, during the 2011 NBA lockout, Mills signed with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia then China with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. He was released for allegedly faking a hamstring injury. Mills denied this report. On 27 March 2012, Mills signed with the San Antonio Spurs after a week or so of attempting to attain a work visa so he could make the transition. That's an unusual journey to the NBA, but not so much to the Spurs; Danny Green took a similar path.

Take a 2 minutes and watch these Patty Mills highlights:

Your thoughts on Patty Mills?