Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LeBron James will win his 3rd NBA Championship with the Miami Heat

...watch this video of Chris Bosh shooting 3s!


The first step before anybody in the world believes it, is you that you have to believe it.... LeBron does not have a plan B because it detracts from his plan A. A long time ago he decided who he was going to be: the smartest player on the court at all times. Not that LeBron man needs any more focus but when the opponent start throwing out guarantees of winning (Tim Duncan), amongst other things, that brings out that steely eyed focus and resolution to do what LeBron can do. Do opponents not realize how much they are playing into LeBron's hands?

When you create an all-time NBA team some positions are debatable...two aren't: Air Jordan at shooting guard and King James at small forward.

James passed to Bosh for a 3 down by one at the end of game 2 b/c mathematically, and rhythmically he thought that was the best play. Bosh drained it...and the Heat won. And Bosh was and still is pumped. This type of play will unleash the sometimes fragile Bosh's confidence for the rest of the series. Bosh has been working on that 3 from the corner for years. He used to be mocked for taking it, but not it's part of his game and it's made him that much more versatile and valuable. His pass to Wade to ice the game was simplistic, by the book, and direct. Bosh has received minutes at the C, PF, SF, and yes...SG in this playoffs so far.

You don't think Chris Bosh has made this shot a staple of his game? Watch this video of Bosh draining 3s from 'his spot' in practice. Guess how many he drains in a row at the beginning of this video...u will me amazed:

Are you a LeBron James fan? What are your thoughts on Chris Bosh?

  LeBron James will win his 3rd NBA Championship with the Miami Heat...watch this video of Chris Bosh shooting 3s