Friday, June 6, 2014

Colin Kaepernick signs $126,000,000 deal


SF was smart to lock up "Colin" in the final year of his deal before he became a free agent...and Carolina would be smart to do the same to same with Cam Newton. Who knows how much the deal is really going to be worth. No need to go into details...the point is he got his money. And now is the face of the franchise. Period. Kaep has been a part of some shenanigans on and off the field, similar to Johnny Manziel. They are excused because he wins, and at age 26 is the modern NFL QB. With the size, speed, arm, and ability to NOT take a big hit. The future is Colin, Cam, Russell Wilson, Luck, Aaron, gotta have those "quicks".

SF HAD to sign Colin. He brought the 49ers to within a few yards of a Super Bowl win. No QBs under 30 get to a SB, switch teams and do it again. Only a few have done it and they were old and seasoned (Warner and Manning come to mind).

The Kaeptain has talent...he practiced this TD celebration FOR A PLAYOFF GAME and assured himself of scoring...on a running he could do this:

and btw that was Rookie Of The Year Luke Kuechly he juked out of his mind on the way to the end zone...virtually untouched. Enjoy some more of Kaeptain America:

 What's your opinion of this signing?