Saturday, June 28, 2014

James David Rodríguez Rubio of Columbia

...aka James, nets an ICONIC goal vs Uruguay!!!

Uruguay stand to the left, James stand to the right. The 22 year old now has 5 goals in this world cup including the fist two today vs Uruguay. Take a look at the is THE goal of the world cup so far:



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

That gorgeous cross by Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo

...was America's worst nightmare!
If anyone doesn't know who Christiano Ronaldo they know. Some regard the 29 year old Captain of Portugal as the best soccer player on planet Earth. He became the most expensive footballer in history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 in a transfer worth £80 million (€94 million/$132 million). Rolando's contract with Real Madrid, under the terms of which he is paid €21 million per year (after taxes), makes him the highest-paid footballer in the world.
Sunday afternoon, Ronaldo who has been playing despite a left knee injury, showed flashes of his best, but his impact was minimal until the final seconds of the match when curled the ball in to a diving Varela, who headed past Tim Howard to give the Portuguese a 2-2 tie and a slim hope of advancing to the second round and deny the Americans instant advancement.

"He made a great cross," said Howard, Ronaldo's former teammate from their days at Manchester United. "Football's cruel sometimes."

Take a look:


The elegant crossing pass was why they call soccer the beautiful game. The way he curled the ball takes your breath away. Americans will never forget that assist/goal.

When they hear his name, it's the first image that will come into their mind. Some U.S.A. fans had gently mocked Rolando before the game, consuming Messi highlights and forgetting about Rolando.

That's a shame...
Ronaldo cut out a piece of America's heart as U.S.A. was beginning a raucous party in the closing seconds of the game. Varela's header also was spectacular as well...and it's now his signature moment...captured on the brightest stage.

To put this in American sports terms....this is the equivalent of Ray Allen hitting that 3 in closing seconds to tie up game 6 last year to put the game into overtime. Everyone knew the Spurs were going to lose the overtime period, as well as game 7. Now U.S.A. has to beat a healthy Germany to assure themselves a second round birth.

The advancement scenarios for Team USA when it plays Germany on Thursday:

1. Win against Germany
2. Tie Germany
3. Have Ghana-Portugal match end in a tie
4. Win tiebreaker with the Ghana-Portugal winner
The World Cup tiebreakers are as follows:

1. Goal difference in all group matches
2. Goals scored in all group matches
3. Points in matches between tied teams
4. Goal difference in matches between tied teams
5. Goals scored in matches between tied teams
6. Drawing of lots

Team USA and Germany currently each have four points, while Portugal and Ghana have one. Germany in plus-4 in goal differential, USA is plus-1, while Ghana is minus-1 and Portugal is minus-4.


That gorgeous cross by Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo was America's worst nightmare!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tony Gwynn (1960 - 2014)

....MR. PADRE has a TREMENDOUS statue.

R.I.P. Tony Gwynn...perhaps the purest hitter in the last 50 years...and one of the greatest ball strikers of all-time. This is a guy that I can't write an article about...I don't have the time lol, so I'll provide an outline:
Some of Tony Gwynn's accomplishments:
  • MLB Hall of Famer (receiving 97.6% of the ballot vote)
  • 3,141 hits
  • .338 career batting average
  • 8 NL batting titles (only other player to win more batting titles was Cobb, who earned 12)
  • 15-time NL All-Star
  • 5 NL Gold Gloves
  • played 20 years with one team
  • has a statue...and a street named after him
  • once used 1 bat for an entire season
  • has more career doubles (543) than strikeouts

  • had 143 career at bats vs. Greg Maddux + Pedro Martinez and never struck out.
  • in 10,232 plate appearances, Gwynn struck out 434 times. (= 1 strikeout every 23.57 PAs)
  • was the first to extensively study himself hitting on film..or should I say "tape" (VHS era)
  • stole 56 bases in 1987 and became the first NL player to hit .370 and steal 50 bases
  • hit .300 or better for 19 consecutive seasons, the longest run in National League history

  • played basketball, in addition to baseball, at San Diego State. As a point guard, Gwynn is the school’s all-time leader in career assists (590), season assists (221, 8.2 per game), and most assists in a game (18)
  • is the only player in Western Athletic Conference history to be named to the all-conference team in two different sports. He earned the honors once in baseball, twice in basketball. (Gwynn was also a two-time All-American.) 
  • in 1981, Gwynn was drafted in the MLB (Padres) AND the NBA (Los Angeles Clippers)

  • he has a son, Tony Gwynn Jr., playing in his 8th season in the Major Leagues. Gwynn Jr. wears his dads # awesome is that? That's every Father's twisted fantasy lol.

 Take 5 minutes and enjoy....Mr Padre:


Tony Gwynn (1960 - 2014)....MR. PADRE has a TREMENDOUS statue.

Is Tony Gwynn the best hitter since 1980?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Patty Mills...another epic Spurs scouting find

...and did you know he invented the 3 point goggles.

Patty 'Gun' Mills hit 4 of 6 3s and dropped 14 on while SA slaughtered Mia in game 4. So another Spur that no one ever heard of before...that is introducing himself to the world under the lights of the NBA Finals. Mills' father is a Torres Strait Islander and his mother is an Aborigine from the Ynunga people of South Australia. That's not the typical bloodline of an NBA player.

Drafted by Portland (where he and then teammate Rudy Fernandez invented the now imfamous "Three Goggles"), on 29 August 2011, during the 2011 NBA lockout, Mills signed with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia then China with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. He was released for allegedly faking a hamstring injury. Mills denied this report. On 27 March 2012, Mills signed with the San Antonio Spurs after a week or so of attempting to attain a work visa so he could make the transition. That's an unusual journey to the NBA, but not so much to the Spurs; Danny Green took a similar path.

Take a 2 minutes and watch these Patty Mills highlights:

Your thoughts on Patty Mills?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kawhi Leonard drops a career high 29 points to save San Antonio

...say hello to THE FUTURE OF THE SPURS!

Welcome Kawhi Leonard! Leonard scored a career-high 29 points to save the Spurs in game 3. A game everyone thought Miami would win. 29 is more than he had ever scored in 70 games in college (San Diego State) or high school (Martin Luther King (Riverside, California)).

He became the first player since Kenyon Martin scored 35 against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002 to set a career high in the NBA Finals. “I just was in attack mode, trying to be aggressive,” said the soft-spoken Leonard. In the past 35 years, only two other players younger than 23  have scored 29 or more points in an NBA Finals game: Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. That's it...that's the list. Magic dropped 42 in his series-clinching performance his rookie year and Kobe went 30+ twice in the Lakers’ 2001 Finals win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Popovich, never one for praise, proclaimed Leonard as the future face of the franchise before last season. “I think he’s going to be a star. And as time goes on, he’ll be the face of the Spurs I think. At both ends of the court, he is really a special player. And what makes me be so confident about him is that he wants it so badly. He wants to be a good player, I mean a great player. He comes early, he stays late, and he’s coachable, he’s just like a sponge. When you consider he’s only had one year of college and no training camp yet, you can see that he’s going to be something else.”

Take a look at a 3 minutes of Kawhi Leonard highlights:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LeBron James will win his 3rd NBA Championship with the Miami Heat this video of Chris Bosh shooting 3s!

The first step before anybody in the world believes it, is you that you have to believe it.... LeBron does not have a plan B because it detracts from his plan A. A long time ago he decided who he was going to be: the smartest player on the court at all times. Not that LeBron man needs any more focus but when the opponent start throwing out guarantees of winning (Tim Duncan), amongst other things, that brings out that steely eyed focus and resolution to do what LeBron can do. Do opponents not realize how much they are playing into LeBron's hands?

When you create an all-time NBA team some positions are debatable...two aren't: Air Jordan at shooting guard and King James at small forward.

James passed to Bosh for a 3 down by one at the end of game 2 b/c mathematically, and rhythmically he thought that was the best play. Bosh drained it...and the Heat won. And Bosh was and still is pumped. This type of play will unleash the sometimes fragile Bosh's confidence for the rest of the series. Bosh has been working on that 3 from the corner for years. He used to be mocked for taking it, but not it's part of his game and it's made him that much more versatile and valuable. His pass to Wade to ice the game was simplistic, by the book, and direct. Bosh has received minutes at the C, PF, SF, and yes...SG in this playoffs so far.

You don't think Chris Bosh has made this shot a staple of his game? Watch this video of Bosh draining 3s from 'his spot' in practice. Guess how many he drains in a row at the beginning of this video...u will me amazed:

Are you a LeBron James fan? What are your thoughts on Chris Bosh?

  LeBron James will win his 3rd NBA Championship with the Miami this video of Chris Bosh shooting 3s

Friday, June 6, 2014


...not even him.

This is what Danny Green used to be known for, being a clown figure:



Danny had a nice college career. He is also the only player in the history of the ACC with 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. He also won a championship his senior year at UNC. That was college.

When Danny Green hit the pros...he played 20 games his rookie season after getting drafted in the second round by Cleveland; then the Cavs cut him. Then a roller coaster of events happened.

If you are interested (and it's a great listen), Green breaks it down here:

I was listening to game one of the NBA finals last night. It was the 4th qtr and Green and 2 pts and was 0-4 at that point from beyond the arc. He hit a 3....LeBron left the game.. Green hit another 3 next time up the court to put SA in the lead and I KNEW that was game. I turned the radio off as their was no need to listen to the rest of the game.

What is your opinion of Danny Green?

Colin Kaepernick signs $126,000,000 deal


SF was smart to lock up "Colin" in the final year of his deal before he became a free agent...and Carolina would be smart to do the same to same with Cam Newton. Who knows how much the deal is really going to be worth. No need to go into details...the point is he got his money. And now is the face of the franchise. Period. Kaep has been a part of some shenanigans on and off the field, similar to Johnny Manziel. They are excused because he wins, and at age 26 is the modern NFL QB. With the size, speed, arm, and ability to NOT take a big hit. The future is Colin, Cam, Russell Wilson, Luck, Aaron, gotta have those "quicks".

SF HAD to sign Colin. He brought the 49ers to within a few yards of a Super Bowl win. No QBs under 30 get to a SB, switch teams and do it again. Only a few have done it and they were old and seasoned (Warner and Manning come to mind).

The Kaeptain has talent...he practiced this TD celebration FOR A PLAYOFF GAME and assured himself of scoring...on a running he could do this:

and btw that was Rookie Of The Year Luke Kuechly he juked out of his mind on the way to the end zone...virtually untouched. Enjoy some more of Kaeptain America:

 What's your opinion of this signing?