Monday, May 5, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Ring Walkout: Lil Wayne knows what to do

...Justin Bieber does not.

On May 3rd Floyd "Money" Mayweather (46-0) defeated Marcos Maidana. But let's talk about the ring walk. This is the second time Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber have accompanied Mayweather to the ring. Lil Wayne needs no assistance multitasking. He is in the proper position flanking the champ while lacing his new track "Believe Me"...the first release from the highly anticipated The Carter V. Weezy also has no problem getting hyped with limited personal space and getting in the zone...never bothering the champ. Love him or hate him...Lil Wayne is a pro.

On to the Bieb. At the 0:47 mark of the video Mayweather has to take 4 seconds FOUR to get Justin in position. All Justin has to do is walk, flanked to the champs left and look cool basically. I can't imagine Mayweather wanting to take four seconds outside of "getting in the zone" to be bothered with this. This is unacceptable. There was talk of

twirk machine Miley Cirus replacing Bieber after the first time the trio approached the ring. Look at how many times Floyd looks for Justin below:

A "third" that would be a better fit for Floyd + Lil Wayne include:

Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Drake, T.I., Kayne, Chris Brown or Nicki Manaj.

Your thoughts?