Thursday, May 8, 2014


May 4th is Star Wars Day (May the Force be with you, May the 4th be with you...get it?). The Durham Bulls scored five runs in the final three innings to notch a come-from-behind, 6-2 win over the Columbus Clippers Sunday evening on May 4th 2014. No one cares about the score frankly, because it was Star Wars night.

When you attach the words Star Wars to anything, Star Wars fans expect Star Wars. And it's expected to be hard, heavy, and in full. Not half Star Wars, not imitation Star Wars...those fans want to be overwhelmed.

I arrived at this game in the second inning and saw some very cheap looking plastic swords that were supposed to pass for light-sabers. Any true Star Wars fan knew these were cheap imitations. These weren't giveaways either, they were being sold for $5 at the team store. Ok... I suppose this isn't the worse thing in the world. I entered the ballpark in excitement, observed the field, and saw nothing related to Star Wars:

I was underwhelmed to say the least. In a trance I did another scan...I saw some more of those cheap replica light-sabers, a fan or two dressed in half Star Wars outfits, and some Star Wars t shirts. It looked like any other typical game. If you had an angle to see the scoreboard, they at least flashed Star Wars figures on the screen.

 Well thanks for that Durham Bulls (slow clap):

There was an area near the concession stands with Darth Vader in costume, and about 5 or 6 other characters to take pictures with kids. Other than that, the only Star Wars presence were some between inning Star Wars voices...and a few unimpressive in-between inning on-field shenanigans. The most exciting part of the evening was observing a young man in a Byron Leftwich retro NFL Jaguars jersey dueling other children with a realistic looking light-saber (notice his light-saber vs the ones the Bulls were selling):

Even the Star Wars uniforms at a glance looked very unpronounced, especially the backs of the unis:

In summary, I was very disappointed with the Star Wars presence.

Perhaps this fan was as well (who had a more authentic light-saber - I could tell by the handle) was unsatisfied also; attempting to attack Darth Vader near the end of the game:



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