Friday, May 2, 2014

27 Point Breakdown of Lionel Richie's socially irresponsible "HELLO" video

...but I want a similarly sculpted clay head of myself. it me you're looking for. LOL How arrogant to say such a thing really...but when you write We Are The World with Michael Jackson..then..well..I suppose you can say these things.

I love this video, and yet is overflowing with outrageously shameful behavior by Lionel.

See for yourself:

0:19: Unacceptable downward-facing triangle mustache.
1:01: Singing in the middle of class.
1:02: Singing about a student in the middle of class.
1:14: Singing about kissing a student in the middle of class.
1:24: Watching a student through a window in her next class.
1:26: no need to have blind girl walk on the ledge
1:33: Singing at her as she walks by
1:45: Guy in red shirt happy he got felt on.
1:49: Dressing like a student, trying to blend in by the lockers, waiting for her to walk by.
1:53: Stalking a blind girl.
2:15: No its NOT ok to be making THAT sculpture...someone should've pulled her aside
2:17: NOW she is blind because her eyes are closed?...she acts very blind when they say "Hi Laura"
2:20: Singing right behind her as she eats lunch.
2:35: Walking into her dance class, still singing at her.
3:06: Guy getting feels on a blind girl.
3:45: Having the student's home number.
3:46: Calling her at home. At night.
3:50: A professor calling his female student at night at home and then doesn't say anything for six seconds when she answers.
3:57: Not identifying himself, but instead belting, "Hello. Is it me you're looking for?".
4:04: Hanging up (also known as the creepiest quasi-romantic crank call of all time).
4:06: Owning a sleeveless, collared, button-down shirt despite being a professor at a seemingly accredited university.
4:32: Do you really love her already Lionel?
4:35: Annoying arrogant double head turn.
4:59: Impossible to have happened...yet I want one of these of myself - not fair.
5:06: Getting a face massage from a blind female student, after she's just presented him with a clay bust of his face.
5:10: Suddenly she seems to have regained sight.
5:17: Grabbing the girl's hands, staring into her eyes, and again asking her if it's him she's looking for.

Your comments please...I'm VERY curious to read them.