Friday, May 30, 2014


...can not CO-EXIST IN OKC

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook...

...enjoy this while you can. Because it won't last. It can't. Kevin Durant is one of the very best pure shooters since the 1979-1980 season; when the NBA adopted the 3 pointer. He is in the prolific 50–40–90 ( shooting percentage at or above 50% for field goals, 40% for three-point field goals, and 90% for free throws during an entire NBA season) club. This club consists of all of 5 other players: Larry Bird, Steve Nash, Mark Price, Reggie Miller, and Dirk Nowitzki. You might have heard of these guys.

Durant and Westbrook have spent their entire basketball lives being dominant scorers. Durant plays the nice guy role, Westbrook the bad boy; this means Westbrook will be the one out the door.

Can you imagine if OKC had traded Westbrook for Rondo and kept Harden. Rondo, Harden and Durant my goodness gracious. But what OKC has is two 25 year olds that do not fit together. Neither seems willing to score fewer points and let the other take over in the fourth quarter. Key word here being willing. Durant is the league MVP, Westbrook has league MVP potential. Russell has the artistic temperament, but he is not an artist.

Has a league leading scorer ever won a championship with a shoot first point guard with MVP talent? The answer is No.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pacers back on track and will beat the Wizards

...but watch this video of Chris Webber & Juwan Howard with the Bullets

The Pacers are beginning to do what they are supposed to do, and play like a #1 seed. This Wizards team however, composed of Beal, Nene, Trevor Ariza, Gortat, Webster, Booker, Miller, Gooden, Temple, Harrington, Seraphin, and John Wall...who started this all the first day he arrived.

This was Wall's intro for his first game:

A lot of people don't know that Chris Webber and Juwan Howard (Rasheed Wallace also..check the three oops he catches at the 0:40, 0:49 and 1:05 marks) played for the Washington Bullets together.

Take a look at this:

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


May 4th is Star Wars Day (May the Force be with you, May the 4th be with you...get it?). The Durham Bulls scored five runs in the final three innings to notch a come-from-behind, 6-2 win over the Columbus Clippers Sunday evening on May 4th 2014. No one cares about the score frankly, because it was Star Wars night.

When you attach the words Star Wars to anything, Star Wars fans expect Star Wars. And it's expected to be hard, heavy, and in full. Not half Star Wars, not imitation Star Wars...those fans want to be overwhelmed.

I arrived at this game in the second inning and saw some very cheap looking plastic swords that were supposed to pass for light-sabers. Any true Star Wars fan knew these were cheap imitations. These weren't giveaways either, they were being sold for $5 at the team store. Ok... I suppose this isn't the worse thing in the world. I entered the ballpark in excitement, observed the field, and saw nothing related to Star Wars:

I was underwhelmed to say the least. In a trance I did another scan...I saw some more of those cheap replica light-sabers, a fan or two dressed in half Star Wars outfits, and some Star Wars t shirts. It looked like any other typical game. If you had an angle to see the scoreboard, they at least flashed Star Wars figures on the screen.

 Well thanks for that Durham Bulls (slow clap):

There was an area near the concession stands with Darth Vader in costume, and about 5 or 6 other characters to take pictures with kids. Other than that, the only Star Wars presence were some between inning Star Wars voices...and a few unimpressive in-between inning on-field shenanigans. The most exciting part of the evening was observing a young man in a Byron Leftwich retro NFL Jaguars jersey dueling other children with a realistic looking light-saber (notice his light-saber vs the ones the Bulls were selling):

Even the Star Wars uniforms at a glance looked very unpronounced, especially the backs of the unis:

In summary, I was very disappointed with the Star Wars presence.

Perhaps this fan was as well (who had a more authentic light-saber - I could tell by the handle) was unsatisfied also; attempting to attack Darth Vader near the end of the game:



Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Chewbacca in Bounty Hunter Disguise Action Figure
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Ring Walkout: Lil Wayne knows what to do

...Justin Bieber does not.

On May 3rd Floyd "Money" Mayweather (46-0) defeated Marcos Maidana. But let's talk about the ring walk. This is the second time Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber have accompanied Mayweather to the ring. Lil Wayne needs no assistance multitasking. He is in the proper position flanking the champ while lacing his new track "Believe Me"...the first release from the highly anticipated The Carter V. Weezy also has no problem getting hyped with limited personal space and getting in the zone...never bothering the champ. Love him or hate him...Lil Wayne is a pro.

On to the Bieb. At the 0:47 mark of the video Mayweather has to take 4 seconds FOUR to get Justin in position. All Justin has to do is walk, flanked to the champs left and look cool basically. I can't imagine Mayweather wanting to take four seconds outside of "getting in the zone" to be bothered with this. This is unacceptable. There was talk of

twirk machine Miley Cirus replacing Bieber after the first time the trio approached the ring. Look at how many times Floyd looks for Justin below:

A "third" that would be a better fit for Floyd + Lil Wayne include:

Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Drake, T.I., Kayne, Chris Brown or Nicki Manaj.

Your thoughts?

Friday, May 2, 2014

27 Point Breakdown of Lionel Richie's socially irresponsible "HELLO" video

...but I want a similarly sculpted clay head of myself. it me you're looking for. LOL How arrogant to say such a thing really...but when you write We Are The World with Michael Jackson..then..well..I suppose you can say these things.

I love this video, and yet is overflowing with outrageously shameful behavior by Lionel.

See for yourself:

0:19: Unacceptable downward-facing triangle mustache.
1:01: Singing in the middle of class.
1:02: Singing about a student in the middle of class.
1:14: Singing about kissing a student in the middle of class.
1:24: Watching a student through a window in her next class.
1:26: no need to have blind girl walk on the ledge
1:33: Singing at her as she walks by
1:45: Guy in red shirt happy he got felt on.
1:49: Dressing like a student, trying to blend in by the lockers, waiting for her to walk by.
1:53: Stalking a blind girl.
2:15: No its NOT ok to be making THAT sculpture...someone should've pulled her aside
2:17: NOW she is blind because her eyes are closed?...she acts very blind when they say "Hi Laura"
2:20: Singing right behind her as she eats lunch.
2:35: Walking into her dance class, still singing at her.
3:06: Guy getting feels on a blind girl.
3:45: Having the student's home number.
3:46: Calling her at home. At night.
3:50: A professor calling his female student at night at home and then doesn't say anything for six seconds when she answers.
3:57: Not identifying himself, but instead belting, "Hello. Is it me you're looking for?".
4:04: Hanging up (also known as the creepiest quasi-romantic crank call of all time).
4:06: Owning a sleeveless, collared, button-down shirt despite being a professor at a seemingly accredited university.
4:32: Do you really love her already Lionel?
4:35: Annoying arrogant double head turn.
4:59: Impossible to have happened...yet I want one of these of myself - not fair.
5:06: Getting a face massage from a blind female student, after she's just presented him with a clay bust of his face.
5:10: Suddenly she seems to have regained sight.
5:17: Grabbing the girl's hands, staring into her eyes, and again asking her if it's him she's looking for.

Your comments please...I'm VERY curious to read them.