Saturday, April 19, 2014


...when he goes down it's ugly!

When Manny Pacquaio (56-5-2) gets knocked out...or even knocked down, it's a sight to behold.

Manny is heralded as some sort of great all-time boxer, but he's never moved me.

Most people haven't seen these videos...but the "Film Doesn't Lie".

So let's ROLL TAPE!

Pacquaio gets his eyes crossed and KO'd by Rustico Torrecampo:

Medgoen Singsurat aka Medgoen 3-K Battery paralyzes Manny with a bodyblow:

Juan Manuel Marquez sends Pacquaio into unresponsiveness:

This is what I call the "4th KO".
Watch Sydney car salesman Nedal "Skinny" Hussein turn Manny's entire body into a bag or rocks with a simple hook / straight jab. Pacquaio is given a 15-20 second long count, and he needs every second to recover...see for yourself:

For your viewing pleasure (and mine)...
watch Manny go head over heals after eating the right hand of Serikzhan Yeshmagambetov from Kazakhstan. Yep that Kazakhstan, the one Borat hails from: