Thursday, April 3, 2014

Emotional Retirement Speeches

We all love to see those crying retirement speeches right? Those snot sniffing, mouth trembling ones...they are AWESOME!!! 

I rank the Mike Schmidt one as #1 of all time. He starts off so calm and cool..clears his voice. Then.... his voice cracks 15 seconds into his FIRST sentence. Flashing cameras then start to explode, as he goes straight to hard eye rubbing with his raw pointer finger. No buffer...just finger to eyelid followed by a voice change almost to a falsetto voice register, harder allergy like circular eye rubbing, shoulder drop with a simultaneous head fall. followed then by a sniff that is meant to save snot dripping down into his mustache. Make no mistake at that sniff...that was a rescue sniff. This is a 2 SENTENCE SPEECH which makes this even more spectacular. Next he turns around unsure of where to go and what to do. Should he sit, turn back around, what? He then leans on the side of a "locker" and works his pocket...I mean to the bottom... and pulls out a huge wad of tissues..Then he takes his free hand to brace him self...leans...crosses his feet. and well...hides his face. This happens in all under 1 MINUTE...31 TOTAL WORDS!