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Let's take a few minutes and remember what Cam and the Panthers did last year:

Week 1 SEA 12 @ CAR
DeAngelo Williams fumbled inside the 10 of the Seahawks with 5 mins left in the game.
Week 2 CAR 23 @ BUF 24 
EJ Manual with an improbable game closing TD drive.
Week 3 NYG 0 @ CAR 38 
Week 4 - Bye
Panthers fans/supports etc.. say "We should be 3-0...everything is coming together now!!".
Week 5 - CAR 6 @ ARI 22 
Not a "close loss"..Carolina is 1-3 now..there is talk of Head Coach Ron Rivera loosing his job.

Theeeennn the Panthers eradicated the NFL and go 11-1 to close out the regular season.

Take a look at Cam (Superman) and the Panthers (Justice League of America) last year:

That video gave some Panthers fans chills. That 11-1 ride was unforgetable and still fresh in their minds as that dominating sensation of destroying the NFL for 12 weeks rumbled through Carolina like a 4 month earthquake.

Cam's ankles looked strong to me, however, he "aggravated" his left ankle in a Week 16 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Cam found Domenik Hixon in the end zone in the final 30 seconds to secure a playoff berth.

Now...that ankle...

Talking to reporters on Mar 24, 2014 at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, coach Ron Rivera stated Cam has had "lingering left ankle pain in the last few off seasons". Rivera (is he a doctor?) believes the issue "probably" dates back to his time at Auburn.

"Every year it's been the same thing for the last couple years," Rivera said via Joseph Person of The Charlotte Observer. "This time when he started, after the rest and everything, it wasn't getting as well as fast as it had last time."

Dr. Rivera then went into typical coach talk and said he's not concerned that Newton will be out for most if not all of the offseason workouts, even though it means Newton will miss chances to work with a new set of wide receivers (Jerricho Cotchery and Tiquan Underwood). You heard of them right?

"There will be a time when they'll get an opportunity to work together, so I'm not worried about that," Rivera said of Newton missing time.

LOL..thanks Dr. Rivera

Superman, on the other hand...has been recommended to receive, no they said he MUST be awarded every doctor's degree the medical community had:



 just let Cam could perform his own surgery:



What everyone really needs to read is:

Understanding Cam Newton's injury: an interview with Dr. David Geier

It's a great read that:

  • Explains the injury that Cam Newton suffered
  • Details the surgery that was done to repair his ankle
  • Clarifies the potential complications Cam could experience during recovery
  • Points out if there's cause for concern that this could happen again? (Same foot, other foot?) 
  • Defines the rehabilitation process for this injury 
  • Spells out the success rate for 100% recovery
  • Discloses if Newton will experience any long term effects from surgery 
  • Reveals if this injury could affect his "mobile quarterback" play style   

R.I.P. Christopher Reeves


This story is dedicated to a North Carolina family that lost it's home in a fire...2 kids involved...I hope this post brings a smile to their face.

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